Aesthetic Services:

Gail Dawson, LE, MPS, Owner

Licensed Esthetician

I have a passion for my profession, the way I can educate, nurture and make women feel beautiful.  We all want to put our best face forward and feel good about ourselves .

Aesthetic Services

As a esthetician I offer customized facials, dermaplaning, peels, acne treatments, waxing services, benign skin growth removal (skin tags, AK, SK, ) as well as other growth removals. 

Micro pigmentation Artist

I am certified in advanced permanent makeup, otherwise known as micro pigmentation.  I am also certified in corrective pigmentation (camouflage techniques to fix bad applications) and medical pigmentation (scare camouflage and areola creation)  I do both traditional tattooing as well as the popular microbladiing method.  I have state of the art equipment and practice the utmost sterilization practices. 

Irregular Skin Growth Removal.

Lamprobe Treatments.

The Lamprobe machine uses radio frequency/high frequency to create a precise delivered energy that removes irregular skin conditions such as:  skin tags, cherry angiomas,(red blood spots) plaque psoriasis lesions (thick scaly card formations), fibromas,(rated usually darker benign grottoes) acetic keratosis,(flat or raised scaly paths) Hyperpigmentation,(otherwise known as (sun spots, age spots, liver spots).  All benign growths that are sun or age related can be removed in most cases without scaring. 

Most Dermatology professionals won't remove these benign skin growths because they're consider cosmetic. 

Immediately after removal.