Lash Enhancements:

Love todays look of LUSH-LASHES? Maybe you have a special event and what the" Boom, Boom effect, perhaps you have a glam girl in your life and struggle with gift ideas.  We have a technician that delivers "Amazing" each & every time. Full Set $120, Fill $50. (Gift certificates available)

Microneedling: Heard The Buzz Yet?

It's a great regeration of the skin treatment with little or no down-time.  This revolutionary treatment has multiple applications like Cologen, elastin building to reduce sun damage and aging.  Scar Treatment,  From stretch marks, surgery scars, acne scars Microneedling treatments can reduce or even eliminate them. Geri Lee is certified in the treatment of micro needling and will be happy to discuss treatment plans customize for you.

Botox, Fillers, Laser Treatments And Much More:

Dr. Melanie Icard is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and the director of the Anti--Aging Clinic LLC. in Phoenix.   Dr. Icard provides many services for our clients one Saturday a month.  The list of services is extensive and we are so blessed to have a relationship with her here at Above & Beyond Aesthetics.

Why drive to the valley:

Your product outcome is only as good as your injector:

Dr. Icard has extensive experience in advanced aesthetics and as her primary practice it gives her an advantage and a artistic touch most part-time injector lack  

Where Botox is placed, how much (over,under amount) can dramatically change the outcome.  The same with fillers, if not placed according to what enhances your unique characteristics it can make the difference between a slight improvement, to, "it's ok", to "OMG, love it".

Let;s face it, these products are expensive and you need to get the most out of them for your money.  That's where Dr. Melanie Icard come in.

To find out more on Dr. Icard and the services she offers visit: www.phoenixantiaging.com or call 480-599-8370